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— Industry 4.0 “BIG DATA”


Production Reports, raw materials, bobbins, winder and sheeter production cycles, steam, energy, gas, and so many other crucial parameters   … Most of the time, these important variables being collected for cost controlling and management reporting, are processed in a semi-automatic or in a manual way, or most frequently using different software and other tools. But how to avoid transcription errors, computing, as well as getting all the data faster, easier and in a smarter and reliable way from the local working stations? How to get back to the main software used?


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The solution is REDI Scalink®

Several PLC and DCS of the plant are connected to the system through an operator friendly interface, allowing the paper mill to acquire all the data from different machines. The Scalink® SW architecture shows its potentials by fulfilling, and providing, all the information required to the ERP plant platform, stepping up the entire system, enabling all the analysis and calculations. Eventually the system supports different protocols used (owned-office PLC-DCS-HW).

Our Scalink® platform, made for paper mills’ systems networking, without specific I/Os. The best choice for the customer.

  • Flexible and Eaisy to drive:
  • Multilevel architecture – enabling the strictly interfaces use, only;
  • Based on a SCADA philosophy, 
  • Scalink® can be totally integrated to the Windows system, exploiting all the potentials arising  from  communication  among native office stations. 
  • Very flexible, can be used form a remote desk – with few signals – up to the main desk with hundreds of signals:
  • All the Industrial protocols available:
  • Data storage every second, at least;
  • Data showing on multiple version: graphics, text, tables, and so on;
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— Function

REDI Scalink® is a customized  solution for multiple and specific needs of each paper mill, it is not suitable as a system BRIDGE only, but as a global management platform, as well.


Any single value even of a relatively larger scale size can be stored, historicized, and showed in a report way, independently to the original source – all related to the Hard Dick capability, of course -. Every variable can be treated by Excel or Access Windows programs, and resubmitted as a new variable after the calculation (production specific, energetics, etc.). This is why our Scalink® system has no barriers, computation wise.

— Which is the paper mill industry future?

The new upcoming frontier is the so-called  “Big Data Analysis” providing a useful tool  both to Top Management and to other managerial stuff, needed according to the strategic goal setting of each mill.  Within the few following years, all the production processes will be digitalized. Industry 4.0 won’t be a target to achieve, but a more of a new way of making business and manage companies. This is exactly the “Big Data” frontier. All those huge amounts of data, managed by an A.I., and applied to a predictive analysis in real time, will be the basics for a smart maintenance program, as well as a better/efficient products engineering: efficiency and cost effects; in other words.


There is no doubt that * data will play a strategic role in the modern industry, since they are becoming larger size & amount wise and of different characteristics, such as:

  1. Design data: data regarding designing machinery and products.
  2. Operation data:  in relation with the equipment functionality and their components, as well.
  3. Efficiency of labor data.
  4. Costs data.
  5. Logistics data.
  6. Environmental and climatic conditions (internal/external temperature, humidity, noise) data.
  7. Fault and system health monitoring data.
  8. Quality product data (% of defective production).
  9. Product’s life cycle data (reparation, warehouse availability).
  10. Customers data (Market Targets, feedback from product usage, design suggestions).
Thanks to the Data Mining (the decision maker information) it is possible to understand if there are some engineering errors; machines and components life cycles; production faults or mistakes; efficiency; job monitoring; customers preferences and needs, and so on. Starting from these real time information *, the Companies can go far beyond the simple manufacturing process: they can aim to the global service. 

— Industry 4.0 and DATA MINING

The scope of the actions concerning the project industry 4.0 is certainly the interconnection between the company production management system and the production itself. The necessary characteristics, in order to be compatible with the scopes of Industry 4.0 are: The control of the process by PLC, the interconnection and exchange of data between management and production system, with standard methods, the interface man/machine simple and intuitive, and finally the compliance with the criteria of safety, health and hygiene at work.

— Certification ISO 50001

The standard specifies the requirements for creating, starting, maintaining, and improving an energy management system. The objective of this system is to allow an organization to pursue with a systematic approach, the continuous improvement of its energy performance, including on it, the energy efficiency as well as the energy consumption. In other words, it is necessary to be able and measure, historicize all those values that are concerning energy consumption, also calculating efficiency indicators.

— Big Data Analysis (costs and final balances)

The most interesting management aspect is that of being able to construct, almost like a free side-effect, an archive containing a large amount of data, related to production: organizing appropriately such data with the identification of possible search and filter indices and combining them with data already available in the archives, and therefore possible to obtain valuable indicators on the cost and consumption of material and energy for the various types of primary and finished products. The main aspect here is the speed and efficiency in managing large amounts of data and the possibility of interfacing with other specific databases or analysis packages.

— Data storage

Through the dedicated pages in the SERVER station of Scalink, to be able and give in a rapid way the progress of all energy consumption parameters, a polygon tool was generated in which, during the execution of a specific product, the system auto-learns the consumptions. At the moment in which is restarted the production of a specific product, the system guides the search for savings by visually indicating the difference of the current consumption, compared with the one taken as a reference and therefore allowing immediate correction actions in case of higher consumptions. Quick and rapid function that guides and allows you to refine the settings on the system to obtain the lowest consumption.
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Other than the utilization of the polygon from the operator, our system READI is finally realized as simple and efficient required by the management, having a detailed energy report for each roll produced by the paper machine. For every bobbin produced, through cross processing of data from the various PLC, DCS and the plant system AS400 the following are indicated:

  • Bobbin code;
  • Type of paper “Es: type 210 gr400”;
  • Number of bobbin produced in monthly serie, grammature, meters produced, production start date, production end date, length, humidity, thickness, etc.
  • and all the series of energy parameters “absolute” necessary for their production- from the steam to the electrical energy per area of the plant ( KW drive MC, KW free, KW purge. KW stock preparation, KW pulpers, KW head machine, KW auxiliary, steam stock preparation, steam MC, steam service…) 


All these, supported from a rapid and simple search engine, permits to perform researches per product codes, per production periods or through customizable filters in order to always have in hand the trend of the final costs for the production of each roll.

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