— General overview

The Paper Machine is the core of the production for any paper mill manufacturer. Around this core there is the whole organization: production as much as technical engineering process. The 24/24 continuous productivity is a must.

Over the years SAEL made a lot of those applications: from the overall application up to the single specific parts of the machine based on customer needs and investments.

The SAELs “Sectional Control” is the first automation & drive system without cascade MASTER CONTROL DRIVE, whose the intelligence is inside the AC or DC drive. This solution is awarded as the most complete system ever by a huge group of technicians and professionals. Actually it fulfils any modern paper mill need as much as winder or calander as well.

The reference control is managed by an AC or DC converter and supported by a 1 Mbit/sec CAN bus MULTI-MASTER network. This is miles away from the other systems based on PROFIBUS MASTER-SLAVE networks, allowing a faster data computing: 6 Mses for 60 AC or DC motors.

Nel corso degli anni SAEL ha realizzato numerose installazioni su questa tipologia di impianto eseguite anche in step diversi a seconda delle esigenze produttive e di investimento dei clienti finali.
“Comando sezionale SAEL“ è il primo sistema di automation & drive – oggi in commercio – senza elaboratore MASTER di cascata, in cui l’intelligenza è basata esclusivamente sul drive AC o DC dell’Intelliflex Platform ONE.

Il sistema ha riscosso largo interesse presso tutti i tecnici ai quali è stato sottoposto, in quanto risponde pienamente a ogni necessità legata alla conduzione di una cartiera moderna, di una ribobinatrice o di una calandra. Esso si avvale di una regolazione dei riferimenti interamente gestita dal convertitore AC o CC e supportata da una rete MULTIMASTER ad alta velocità CAN BUS da 1 Mbit/sec.

Questo determina una differenza qualitativa rispetto ad altri sistemi che normalmente adottano reti MASTER SLAVE tipo PROFIBUS in quanto garantisce una velocità di elaborazione estremamente rapida : 6 Msec. per 60 motori AC o DC.

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Intelliflex frontale

— Drives Sael

The core of the Sectional Control is the SAEL DRIVES.

The main value selling features of our Drives as much as the main differences vs. competitors are:

– Reparability; Today the drive is assumed as a one shot component to be replaced in case of failure. Having a full reparable drive this is not the case of us, brining a concrete benefit to the users in term of cost effective and quick spare parts availability.

– Flexibility; Our drives are fully integrated with any existing equipment and fully compatible with the most common systems in market.

 Robustness; This is a must within the R&D concept. From the IGBT calculation up to the electronic board, the long life capacitors and the high speed calculation performance as well.

– Long Life; All the components used are based on that philosophy. The electronic regulation board is a typical long life device example. Thanks to the high performing main Microprocessor used the board can be upgraded on a firmware base at any giving time.

— Sectional controls DOP Touch

DOP is a motor multifunction controller as much as data display. A lot of the Drive parameters can be settled and managed by the DOP 2001 – including the Drive internal variables -.

Having a Serial Port direct connection to the Drive, most of the time those devices are used to display speed or currents or alarms.

As mentioned above the DOP 2001 can manage the Drive internal variables – PID controls, Load cells, Electric shafts, Positioning; etc.; -. Moreover it manages a bunch of parameters formerly controlled by the PLC. Within the standard process DOP controls the following parameters:

  • Cascade Speed Increase / Decrease value
  •  Single motor speed Increase / Decrease value
  • Loop Recovery
  • Real / Set Point Speed
  • Sweep Display
  • Drive and Motor ISO1 Alarm display
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