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Over twenty years of technologic partnership with MILLTEX, and several Sheeter lines built in the world are the best business card for this application. From the traditional cut lines up to the most recent digital size lines.

More than hundred of machines have been built around the world with MILLTEX. From the simple fix knife up to the most sophisticated electro syncro-flex with twin motor on the knifes, or the digital sizes with automatic packing systems – wrapping machines -.

Together with Milltex or alone – basically depending to the needs at the time – SAEL is the best partner for rebuilding upgrading or revamping machines originally made by the most popular OEM in the world, offering reliable and advanced solutions.

Together with the best market devices the technological platform is based on the SAEL Drive who manages the most important as much as the performing functions. The package is a great control system solution.

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