1. Paper Automation

— Supervisor – Engineering station

The Supervisor in combination with the Engineering Station is a powerful control device. It allows a quick and easy management of each single working process by a direct operator engagement.

The architecture is based on WINDOWS with driving programs on SCALINK and MMI-SCADA platforms: fully available to whom has the programming key. The complete package is completed by the remote assistance IWSA – Internet World Sael Assistance – installed on every drive and 6 month free of charge after the take in place.

— Technical deepening

The main functions are listed below:

PLC programming, as well as the Drives programming, is transparent and directly made via supervisor.

Historical Trends up to 45 days (and extendable upon demand) of all the motor variables and subdivided on three different sampling time (1sec – 5sec – 15sec). In the motor trends there are other variables like drives unlock and alarm status.
The motor trend shows all the variables (no search is required), and you can get up to three motors configuration simultaneously – selectable by a scroll menu –
Paper break via photocell: automatic variables motor storage, three minutes before and after the event. All is triggered by the photocell and to a quick control, the file shows the motor name as well as hour and data event.
Paper break via Drive: automatic variables motor storage, three minutes before and after the event. All is triggered by the Drive and to a quick control, the file shows the motor name as well as hour and data event.

Motor management POUPUP with all the set points and variables of the selected motor. All the parameters can be settled by this page.

Motor alignment POUPUP for an accurate start up activity of the system.

Motor maintenance POUPUP with Drive regulations settings.

Advanced diagnostic with Help of every single alarm editable by the paper mill operators. In this way it is possible to track all the electrical activities (related to the alarms) and easier replacement of the anomalies – by not expertise personnel too -. All the on-line guides and help are a big added value for this specific activity.

Electrical diagrams automatic opening, and link to the single alarm case.

The supervisor can be integrated everywhere because is Open and perfectly fits with the Windows system as well as any existing Hardware in the market.
The OPC server and DDE server – inside function of SCALINK – allows the data exchanging with the present supervisors in the paper mill. This means a perfect integrating of our system with the paper mill existing tool.

Main synoptic: up to 16 motors displayed;
Through the maintenance and motor alignment poupup, it is possible to verify ad set the drives on a real-time way. This makes easy and intuitive the operation.
Three motor trends – without further settings and by a mouse click only – with the main values of the single motor. It is possible to backward of 45 days and check all the regulations made, as well as sent to the Drives.
Up to 8 motor variables individually selectable and comparable “all-in-one”. Upon demand the tracks can be external system variables too.
“Alarm Help” editing for each alarm. The paper mill operator can write and store all the comments and notes of the actions made to solve the problems. As long as all the passages are clearly explained and guided, every operation is intuitive and easy to drive.
Moreover, it is possible to enclose photos and video to the comments.
View of the Drives in the system with communication time and delays, eventually. Control thresholds easily highlights which drives has a technical issue (even not related to itself).
Electrical Diagram automatic opening. This function guides and helps the paper mill personnel on technical problems seek.
Every alarm is linked to a text and page number enclosed in the supervisor.
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