1. Drives

The SAEL Drive is a multipurpose product. Actually, regardless of the application, the heart of the control is made by one Control Board (one board to drive ac, dc, SynRM, etc.).

Some of the key features are the long life as well as the continuity over the years. Every single part is engineered, produced and selected, for 10 years availability,
All the range is robust, solid and compact (book size) with iron cast chassis.
The regulating board is easily accessible from the front panel: the main board is equipped with an EEprom where all the drive configurations are stored.
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Intelliflex drive
Drives aperto

VT-VG-VW Series

Intelliflex Platform One – Full Digital Control for Three phase asynchronous motors, Induction motors (IM), Permanent Magnet synchronous motors (PMSM-SPM and PMSM-IPM), Synchronous Reluctance motors (SynRM). Either available on D.C. Bus or Stand-Alone version.

Up to 1 Mw as a single unit. Power higher than 1 MW is obtained by parallels.

400V, 500V and 690V power supply.


Highly recommended for high performance applications: static and dynamic; combined or single speed control; acceleration and positionings.

Examples: Speed PID regulation; Acceleration and Deceleration Programmable ramps; Winders and Unwinders Servo diameters; Tensioning controls; Positionings; Cam; Cnc and so on.

Certified STO – Air and Water-Cooled systems

Intelliflex frontale

Main features

The Regulation – FirmwareSince the beginning SAEL decided to go for the “on board intelligence”; having a sophisticated, intelligent and flexible Drive.

This is why the regulation board – ONE – was developed: a high performing board using a last generation TriCore processor.

Over the years, the team guided by the PhD Eng. Alexis Rais, developed and improved many functions and features for specific applications like the “catch on fly” (patented)

Hereafter some features;

  • FOC – Field Oriented Control. Either on Closed loop via encored, or Sensorless;
  • Synchronous Reluctance motors control:
  • Catch on fly:
  • V/F Open loop with current control (2-300% of the nominal speed) – torque and Torque/Power AC motor regulation
AC Drive Power Section: At the beginning the Drive was made for the Company electrical equipment and automations only. This is the reason why the Drive was available on dc/ac version – powered by a dc bus -.

Pushed by the customers as well as the market needs, we developed the ac/ac Stand Alone series.

IGBT, long life Film Capacitors, low impedance links. PWM modulation from 2 to 5kHz.

AC/DC Three phase power supply, available on different models and sizes; non-regenerative, with braking resistors, and regenerative as well.

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