Sael Assistance I.W.S.A.

Internet Worldwide Sael Assistance – I.W.S.A.

To support and perform activities on site, SAEL has designed and implemented an innovative remote web-based assistance.
The distance between the installations and our service centre is cancelled now. Each installation can be controlled and served from the SAELs operation control room. The “Internet Worldwide Sael Assistance” system – IWSA basically – does not require special hardware and it is not a standard limiting remote service offered by the competition.
Today our technicians can control all our equipments, electronic boards, edit firmware, drive parameters and, last but not least, edit any PLC program on real time, directly from the head quarter.

Industry Business Unit
Industry Business Unit

To access the IWSA service the customer simply needs:


1 –To be assisted, contact the technician

2 – download this program: IWSA-idc8wcy4hw.exe

3 – run the program

4 – communicate ID code to the technician for assistance


… That’s all ! … 

The log-in operation has to be repeated at any logging out. Our Technicians can control the station from their desktop, setting up a two-way communication with the customer’s site, use either chat or voice functions to suggest the changings and so on.

IWSA does not require added software installation for the customer – no license

In case the engineers at the customer do not have any software to program the PLC, or Drives or whatever else, we can install the tool from our head quarter control room simply using the remote PC as a serial interface with the SAEL hardware. 

The web-based architecture of the system allows to be in constant connection, if required.
In this case we can manage all the assistance steps either from our head quarter on on-site at any time.
This solution is useful to remote testing sessions of the system as much other important functions. In case the connection is through the machine supervisor station, all the faults can be displayed and monitored.
The application achieved awesome results during the commissioning and the after sales steps. 

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