1. Platform One

Born  to fulfill the Paper Mill industry – due to many different ac and dc applications – today the Platform One is a win-win integrated solution for all the industrial automation requirement.




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One Board



One single board to drive dc motors, ac motors (IM, PMSM, SynRM) and AFE (regenerative module)


    • 32 bit RISC Tri-core processor; Floating point with software and integrated EEPROM;
    • Integrated removable Keypad – for a complete Drive management: set up, variable visualizations, diagnostic, I/O and lines settings;
      • 2 configurable encoder input (PUSH-PULL and LINE-DRIVER)
      • Integrated power supply (5V and 24V);
      • I/O LED indicator for digital input and output;
      • 8 configurable digital input;
      • 6 configurable digital output;
      • 4 analogical input – 12 bit configurable;
      • 2 analogical output – 12 bit configurable;
      • 6 uscite digitali configurabili;
      • Hardware and Software inside protections;
      • 2 Serial interface RS232 or RS485 configurable upon needs; 
      • 2 CAN Bus;
      • External electronics (one interface can be configured to manage I/O with CANopen protocol communication);
      •  PROFIBUS (and AnyBus);
      • Sin-Cos ENCODER Board (Option);
      • RESOLVER Board (Option);



Gives a new life to your old Drive

Since we are focused on Customer needs, we are pushed on finding cost effective solutions against the aging of the existing electrical equipment.

Most of the time it is possible to focus the actions on changing the aged parts only – like the drives mantling, most of the times, the original power section –

Few changings for a renewed machine!


To provide the solution SAEL has developed REEBORN: a regulation unit rack that can be applied to any existing Drive (eg: BMB®, SIEMENS®, ABB® e SCE®). It is a full digital master board called ONE BOARD: a universal board for ac and dc drives.

Technically wise we re-use all the existing parts, whenever working, – eg: SCR bridge, electro mechanic, fuses and so on – leaving the supply disconnector, the two serial cables, and wasting the obsolete parts.

The rack unit, named “REEBORN”, is directly linked to the SCR Bridge, transforming the old analogical, or semi-analogical drive, into a full digital device with double Field Bus.


Very old equipment, without plc, were updated on the drive side, too.

The plus of this REEBORN concept is getting a machine upgrade with next gen electronic components, in a small investment. A great alternative to the complete electrical cabinet waste.


Over the last twenty years REEBORN has been successfully applied to many customers. In every site we upgraded the machines with our DC drives ONE series: simple devices, very friendly user; reliable and rough.

We made several applications with Siemens PLC S7 where the system was in bridge via Can Bus or Profi Bus.

Actually, without added costs, our DC Drives can work with any PLC available on the 


Don’t waste your old analogical Drive!

REEBORN is the Answer: a new system made to renew the old electrical equipements in a very short time, in your plant, with a little cost.


Reeborn of an Eurotherm 1200 A – 600Vdc d.c. drive

Replacement of the control unit by our Reeborn kit (the Reeborn kit includes the ONE motherboard), directly mounted into the existing SCR power section.

This intervention allowed to save the most expansive and critical electro-mechanic parts, transforming an old analogical d.c. drive into a full digital machine.


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